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               Pow  dered sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate is formed by spray drying tower. The apparent hollow body is white granular, soluble in water, alcohol and so on. Its aqueous solution has low concentration of foaming, emulsification, dispersion, wetting, detergency and reduce the effect of surface tension or the like, is a more comprehensive performance of anionic surfactants, widely used in general (phosphorus) washing powder, concentrated (no phosphorus) washing powder, solid detergent, detergent paste, paste detergent. Cleaner textile industry, dyeing auxiliaries, degreasers electroplating industry, paper industry deinking agents, additives, fertilizer products, as well as other industrial cleaning agents, emulsifying agents, dispersing agents.
                Production process:
              ↓ ↓ caustic additives
              Acid - → acid neutralization - → slurry formulation - → slurry treatment - → spray drying - → cooling aging - → cooling aging - → product packaging - → Finished


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