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              Today is 2020-6-27, Welcome to the web Chuzhou Su source Chemical Co., Ltd Website: www.rrhh7.com


                Focus, interaction, collaboration, innovation
                [Focus] - to focus on the attitude of learning new knowledge and insight into the market to focus on the vision, to focus on the belief that to be a leader, jumped "industry specializing in surgery," the "specialist" realm; the hour amplification to the limit in order to remain unchanged the status quo to be the best in everything, to maximize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, has a strong sense of responsibility, always to zero and empty cup mentality learning and strive to learn more than the competition fast.
                [Interactive] - within the team, brainstorming, each is seeking to achieve real-time communication between employees; between the customer and, to create the most direct communication interface, creating a more efficient means of service.
                [Cooperation] - people-oriented, long-term perspective, cooperation is the source of interests, cooperation is the success of this; with an open attitude and sincere philosophy, won the most valuable partners; cooperation is the source of interests, mutual benefit principles of solidarity and cooperation.
                [Innovation] - advocate the spirit of innovation, stimulate innovation consciousness, and guide the direction of innovation, encourage innovative behavior, enhance innovation capability; humble learned, the constant pursuit of exploration, science and technology innovation in the enterprise, technology, ideas, culture and other aspects.



              Online Service

              Online Service